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Kovacs Dashboard

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Kovacs Dashboard is a bespoke web-based application designed specifically for Kovacs Construction to manage projects, clients, invoices, and more. This sophisticated software development project integrates multiple functionalities into one coherent dashboard, allowing streamlined management and real-time tracking. It epitomises the synergy of technology and construction management, enhancing efficiency and decision-making within the business.


A leading construction company sought to innovate and centralise its operation, from client management to project tracking and internal communications. The development of a custom web-based application using Laravel offered an all-in-one solution that streamlined processes, improved client engagement, and ensured robust security measures. This case study explores the journey from identification of the challenges to the successful implementation of a solution that continues to drive business efficiency.

Problem Statement
Their existing processes were fragmented and manual, causing inefficiencies in areas such as:

- Client setup and communication.
- Project planning and tracking.
- Proposal generation and management.
- Booking, payment, and invoicing systems.
- Internal chat and collaboration.



The client aimed to create a comprehensive, user-friendly system that would centralise these functions, enhance collaboration, and provide secure access to both employees and clients.


Laravel was chosen for its robust features, scalability, and security. It provided a versatile foundation to create a custom solution tailored to the client’s unique requirements.

Custom Application Development Process

Initial Assessment and Planning: In-depth analysis of the client's needs, followed by the creation of a detailed project plan.
Design and Development: A flexible, intuitive interface was developed to accommodate the variety of functions needed.
Security Measures: Implementation of robust security protocols to ensure that only authorised personnel could access the system.

Key Features


Client Management

Enabling the addition of new clients and sharing project details securely.


Project Setup

Tools for creating and managing individual construction projects.


Proposal Generation

Automated system for creating, sending, and tracking proposals.


Booking Management

An organised way to manage viewing bookings.


Payment and Invoicing

Seamless integration with payment gateways and invoicing tools.


Internal Chat System

Facilitating collaboration and communication about projects.

Kovacs Dashboard

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