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Kovacs Construction's website serves as a digital introduction to a London-based construction business. Leveraging cutting-edge website development techniques, the site offers detailed insights into the company's services, past projects, and core values. With an elegant design, the website effectively communicates the professionalism and expertise that define Kovacs Construction.


Kovacs Constructions, a London-based construction company, sought to expand its digital footprint and showcase its projects to a broader audience. The main objective was to develop a website that would effectively introduce the company and highlight its work. Using technologies such as Laravel, Vue.js, and Bootstrap, a dynamic and responsive website was created with a custom-made CMS for easy content updates.

Business Needs: The company wanted to enhance its online presence to attract more clients and offer insights into its completed and ongoing projects.
Target Audience: Primarily targeting property developers, homeowners, and potential clients interested in construction services in London.
Challenges and Requirements: The website needed to be user-friendly, visually appealing, and allow for easy content updates through a custom CMS.

Development Process



Initial planning involved collaboration with stakeholders to define design concepts, functionality requirements, and overall site architecture.


Custom CMS Creation

A unique CMS was developed to enable users with the right permissions to update content efficiently, providing flexibility and control.



The development process utilised Laravel for backend, Vue.js for interactive UI components, and Bootstrap for responsive design, ensuring a seamless experience across devices.

Features and Functionalities

User Permissions: A well-defined user permission system was integrated to ensure that only authorised personnel could modify the website's content.

Project Showcasing: An intuitive portfolio section displayed projects, offering detailed insights through images, descriptions, and specifications.

Other Key Features: Other functionalities included contact forms, client testimonials, and a blog section to provide company updates and industry insights.

Features and Functionalities


The site was hosted and launched after careful quality assurance, ensuring optimal performance upon going live.

Results and Impact

Performance Metrics: Post-launch, the website saw significant growth in user engagement and led to an increased number of inquiries and leads.

Client Feedback: Kovacs Constructions expressed satisfaction with the website's design, functionality, and the ease with which content could be managed.

Lessons Learned: The project provided valuable insights into custom CMS development and aligning technology with client-specific needs.

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