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Kamra is an e-commerce store dedicated to selling authentic Hungarian products, including food, drinks, spices, and more. Through strategic website development, Kamra provides an accessible platform where customers can explore and purchase a taste of Hungary's rich culinary tradition. The user-friendly design, combined with secure payment processes, offers an enriching shopping experience for those seeking Hungarian flavours.


Kamra, a prominent company specialising in the sale of various products from Hungary including Food, Drinks, and Garden accessories, sought a comprehensive online solution to meet their growing business demands.

Problem Statement
Kamra faced the challenge of managing a diverse product catalog and streamlining their order processing and delivery. They required a custom website solution with distinct permission levels to efficiently manage orders and improve the overall workflow.

The primary goal was to create a platform catering to three unique roles: Admin, Picker, and Driver, each with specialised functions to enable seamless order management and processing.



The custom website solution for Kamra stands as a successful endeavour in creating a tailored solution to enhance business operations.

Project Description

Platform Overview
A custom website was designed, allowing users to browse and purchase a wide variety of Hungarian products. An additional platform with three distinct permission levels was integrated to manage internal operations.

User Roles
Admin: Complete oversight of the site, with abilities to review, update orders, and see reports.
Picker: Day-specific order views, scanning products during packing to ensure accuracy.
Driver: Access to orders assigned, organised in an efficient sequence for delivery.

Technologies Used
Laravel: Backend development for managing user roles and authentication.
React: Front-end component building for a tailored user experience.
Tailwind CSS: Utility-first styling for consistent design across the site.

Project Description
Methodology and Implementation


Development Process

The Agile methodology was employed, allowing for iterative development and regular feedback.


Design Considerations

Key decisions were made to ensure optimal UI/UX, especially for the Picker's scanning functionality.


Challenges and Solutions

Challenges were encountered in integrating the scanner and creating role-specific views but were solved through collaborative problem-solving and technical expertise.


Deployment Strategy

The platform was thoroughly tested and deployed in stages to ensure stability and functionality.



The custom solution was seamlessly integrated with Kamra’s existing systems, enhancing the overall infrastructure.


Training and Support

Training was provided to each user role, along with ongoing support to ensure smooth operations.

Results and Impact

Success Metrics
The custom solution led to a significant improvement in order accuracy and efficiency in order processing, exceeding initial objectives.

Customer Feedback
Kamra expressed satisfaction with the solution, praising its effectiveness in meeting their unique needs.

Business Impact
The project positively impacted Kamra's operations, leading to improvements in efficiency and sales.


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