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Why Testing in Web Development Is a Must

If you are reading this then you are probably one of those people that loves to read tech stuff. Or you might be on the lookout for a company that helps you to build your new project. Whatever the situation is - we would love to give you a bit more insight into web development and more importantly Testing. Why testing is a must? Let's see, would you like to buy something without knowing it works? Of course not. You ideally want to see things in action before making a commitment. Well, testing makes sure that whatever software related you are buying really works. We test it before you buy it.

What is Web Testing?

To put it really simple, it involves the process of checking your web application or website for potential bugs before it goes live. We want to make sure that the web pages load correctly on different devices and browsers to ensure that all form fields and transactions are functioning as expected.

Types of Web Testing

Functional Testing

The name says it all. Functional testing makes sure your website development project has all the functionalities running the way they should. For example, if your website has a search feature, it should return accurate results or in case of a "sign up" button, it should send the correct data to your database. We test all the links, buttons and forms.

Usability Test

Usability test makes sure your users aka customers are finding it easy to navigate through your website. It's important that your customers can complete the desired action with ease, like clicking on the "buy" button or signing up to your newsletters. In website development, usability test is the best way to measure you projects popularity amongst potential customers. 

Performance Testing

Is your website loads quick enough? Performance testing checks how quick your customers have to wait for you website to load and also, how many users can be on your website at the same time. If you have an e commerce store - this is especially important. You want to make sure that as you gain customers your e commerce store can handle the traffic. 

Security Testing

With cyber threats becoming increasingly sophisticated, security testing in website development is more important than ever. This type of testing aims to uncover vulnerabilities in the security mechanisms of your web application to prevent unauthorised access, data leaks, and other threats.

Cross-browser Testing

Your website should work consistently across all major web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Microsoft Edge. Cross-browser testing checks against all major browsers to make sure whatever your customers are using, they will be able to access your website. 

Mobile Testing

Given the growing number of users accessing websites from mobile devices, mobile testing ensures your web development project's functionality and design are fully optimised for smaller screens.

Why Testing is Important?

Quality Assurance

First impression lasts. Delivering a non-functional website that's slow and crashes a lot is not helping to build trust for sure. Thorough testing ensures that your users get the best experience possible. This will help building your customer base. 

Cost Efficiency

Fixing bugs in a live environment can be much more costly in terms of both time and money than catching them early in the website development process. By setting up robust test cases, you can launch any software, website, mobile apps with confidence. 


Performance testing gives you valuable data that can help you plan for future growth. Websites should be able to handle an increase in user load without compromising on performance.

Competitive Advantage

There are tremendous amount of software companies competing with each other every day. With thorough testing, there is nearly zero chance of a bug and that is a huge advantage and definitely helps to stand out. 

Quality and Excellence. Two great words everyone should think of before releasing a new website development project, mobile app development project etc. Testing is definitely not a final checkbox that have to be ticked before a website is going live, It's more like a continuous commitment towards customers. It also saves time and money on the long run. Test cases take time to write that's true, however those test cases can be reused and automated. Who doesn't like a new website that will live up to all our expectations.